Ways to Receive Competitive Billed Tickets

The train is often regarded as the safest mode of transport. However, when buying train tickets, it is important to buy the right one to save time and effort. This greatly evolves the ease of travel. Some of the leading train companies are committed to helping their customers get the best value for them. In addition, they ensure that their tickets are convenient for the market and tailored to their customers' needs. The following are some of the measures that can contribute to affordable prices.

· Advance ticket purchase

You can save money and time by booking your ticket early. Advance tickets come with great cost savings compared to flexible ticket types. They offer the perfect solution for long trips and passengers who have to travel off-peak hours. Most flexible train companies offer their tickets 12 weeks before the date of travel, but in limited numbers. Therefore, it is advisable to buy early to take advantage of good offers.

Unlike other products, advance tickets apply to a specific train service, time and date. In addition, they are not refundable. In addition to saving money, advance tickets can save you time. All you have to do is return the date of the trip and go. Tickets can be purchased at any station office, which does not have to be the one that started your journey. You can find a ticket office near your home or work.

· How to buy

Some of the methods of selling train tickets are cheaper and more convenient. You have the choice to buy them from the office, by phone or online. If you need more time to buy your ticket, you can consider a machine. Some selected railway stations provide their customers with engines. Like online shopping, ticket machines are useful after regular office hours. Therefore, you can plan your trip and shop at any time of the day. In addition, at an additional cost, you can purchase some and deliver them to your office or home or collected at selected train stations using your computer.

· Buy lifetime tickets

If you travel regularly following the same journey, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing weekly, monthly or even annual tickets. This can save you cash at the standard price, in addition to saving you the time you need to buy one at the station. When you have a season one, be sure to renew it before it expires. You do not have to wait until the ticket runs out. A weekly ticket can be renewed one day before the expiry date, while longer term tickets must be renewed 2 days in advance.

Get a flat fee?


You may have seen them: a six-wheeled van with a billboard-sized ad on the side, sometimes exposing a photo of a white-faced middle-aged woman on the phone, suggesting that everything in life is better now, she is She found a plumbing and HVAC company in short boots. Or, you have already called one of these colored full-page ads in the yellow pages. You know that kind of people, they make you feel warm and fuzzy, and define everything you want to hear. How to use each credit card logo in the sun? Does this give you peace of mind, if your unplanned pipeline emergency makes you a cash shortage, then you should simply use plastic without further consideration? Is it the 800 number, the fire is hot, does it imply below: "The hotline goes directly to Maytag Man, he waits patiently waiting to heal your flustered mind"? Welcome to the world of flat rate pipelines and HVAC advertising!

I bet this is something you don't know unless you of course hire one of the companies – $125 to $400 per hour. If you don't know that they will charge the rate, don't be laughed at because of your ignorance, because the rate will cover up the price of each part they say [blinking].

Ok, I will show you the black magic behind the MO of the fixed rate model. Then, if you find yourself paying for one of these companies after the next test, maybe you won’t get stuck in the heart of the sticker. Stopped state. Or HVAC emergency.


Among the self-employed people in the HVAC and plumbing industries, some have long struggled to find their own decent lives, including myself. Traditionally, we charge by hour, plus a moderate amount of material to increase the price. In the early 1980s, as a service technician for two second-generation fuel companies [Tenney Fuels and Ferns Energy Center], my starting salary was $3.75 per hour, 10 cents above the minimum wage. These companies charge $25 an hour and profit from the sale of parts, furnaces, burners and boilers, as well as fuel oil, which brings the largest share. Then, in 1983, Tenney was sold to the hot-selling "oil merchant" and my salary increased to $6.90 per hour. At the same time, the new fuel group raised Tenney's tax rate and began charging customers, from pipe threading compounds, some detergent sprays in the tank to quick drying [cat litter] to absorb the oil, and we sprinkled it on the floor. It doesn't matter if I clean the burner electrode porcelain at random, customers still need to buy a toxic spray cleaner. The name of the game changes from the highest quality service and installation work [at a reasonable price] to tapping as fast as possible and maximizing profits in every possible way, regardless of quality. The new company even introduced technicians who have been trained in new methods in other branches to show our service department how to do the job. This shocked me, the green horn, because every traditional custom that has been given to me over the past two years has clearly and painfully disappeared. The shock that customers who have been working in the company since the company's inception has been a painful experience for them and for me. Until the 1980s and 1990s, the endangered old school was gradually threatened with extinction, and we are all used to the feeling of family business. The Big Boy enters their entrance with smooth, magnificent, and imaginative signs, and the corporate logo that flaunts makes us-employees and customers feel intrusive.

In 1988, I almost brought this new model into my own prison and appealed to the affirmative statement that I placed on the console of the service car – anything that affects the peace of mind, so that I can achieve it through another soul. – A painful day for men to work. At this point, I was hired by a plumbing contractor, and he seemed to embody the new school's philosophy of attracting customers with all the value customers can afford. Although I have been in the industry for 8 years, on the first day of my work, I was an experienced colleague and junior technician who started to “show me the ropes”. By noon, he managed to open an eight-hour bill for everyone, charging each client the time it took to go home and return to the store. Whether there are 3 customers living on the same street, this is still their round-trip journey all day, as if they were the only service call on the day. During our rounds, a profit-motivated technician charged a customer [my dentist] with a light bulb in the stove and he broke his head. When he was there, he only wiped off the dust on the stove. The bill totaled more than $300. Next, he charged the customer with an ignition transformer that was not damaged. He then asked a 93-year-old woman to wipe the dust and new fuel nozzles in the mobile home in the mobile home, but paid $285, even though the woman begged her to be almost unable to cope with the late husband. 39; s social security check. [A month later, when the lady called for an emergency, she found my duty technician. I went to her house after normal working hours and found that the total control of the burner failed, so I I replaced it… it was free to compensate the bath water that the technician gave her a few months ago. I lied to my report and pointed out that the phone was not chargeable due to improper electrode adjustment.]

The exact time I pay the customer's bill is the piece rate. Otherwise, if I didn't charge them, for example, to replenish factory parts, go to their home and go back or finish a day of paperwork, I didn't get paid for that time. I thought that the company boss was a criminal who made a living in his own way, and missed the early-honest and ethical company in Tenney and Ferns. I feel that the current company not only deprives the customer [in many ways, it cannot be fully explained in this article], but also illegally deprives me of my salary, because I did not correctly fill in the daily paperwork, thus depriving me [employee] of the interests.

For me, the last straw was the company's charge to the 84-year-old woman, Kay O&Brien, because a plumber who didn't know the oil stove made a few calls. When I was finally dispatched to solve the initial problem and other problems he managed to create with the help of ignorance and ignorance, I suggested that she call the general office and explain [complain]. The homeowner’s daughter [company bookkeeper] told her to “pay the bill, otherwise we will bring you to court!” This incredible, heinous lack of gratitude makes me feel as uneasy as Kay. And profoundly affected my attitude, which is different from what I felt when working for any previous company. I quit the opportunity to attend company meetings and events, and I was finally fired. The boss said that I was "not a teamworker", I agree, at least not in his team, which made me embark on the loneliness of self-employment…

After five years of hard work, I realized that during that period of pure anxiety, I could make more money for the employer of the new school. My income only barely looked at the poverty line. I couldn't see the other side. I stared at the Jones family. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take courage. Soon, my wife left me to find a lawyer. [Whether it’s the rich or the poor, what happened? I think she chose the rich.] I didn’t succumb to work for Man, but chose to risk my luck as an inventor [see my article Lessons from the development of inventions]. "] By the way, just like jumping out of the plane without first checking that the slide on your back is not really a backpack full of bricks.

Just before the fall like "The Old Man on the Hill", a company wanted to sell me a fixed-price franchise and put some trucks in the sales booth with the highest amount of advertising mentioned above. I rejected their invitation because their business model and methods look like Voodoo. Bankruptcy seems to be a more attractive option. A local plumbing company owner did buy the franchise, and soon he concentrated all his energy on the service, and his excessive drinking showed that his behind-the-scenes pressure clearly forced him to decide to change his business model. The franchisee's Holy Grail sold him. Since the past, he has had many service vehicles that have never had an inventory level. He has a huge color ad in the phone book, and the monthly fee must be more than $1,000. [I paid $250 for a black and white quarter-page ad.] He has a bold red number 800. The slogan is that I know he is not smart enough to dream alone. The ad with a credit card logo on the bottom convinced me that he had used a flat fee. I visualized him with a voodoo doll similar to his customer, squeezing them until their wallet spilled out of their pockets, and the cash that flowed away from them let him grab it – in the "flat rate" pricing book Instructions for printing on a secret page. I am skeptical about his morality, because it seems that he has bought something that implies profit over quality, fairness and full disclosure. I thought, "If it screams like a duck…"

I considered the approach behind the new buzzword "Unified Rates." As a creative thinker and problem solver, I think this approach is clever and juxtaposed with the old-fashioned income-generating approach. From my humble point of view, I have studied the core issues in trade, but I also lack a sense of accomplishment related to self-employment. The competition is fierce and there seems to be no way to raise prices without losing bids, customers and sales. I feel that I am on the cliff of failure, and that the sanctified Taoist who is doing honest work at a fair price seems to be out of date. Moreover, there seems to be no way to cover the costs of employees and the necessary benefits they usually require. I suppressed my malicious tone with the idea of ​​reservation, so that when the respondent said a request such as "vacation," he would not notice. "Insurance"; "holidays", like the lava from the volcano, made me patiently anxious about cinder. Out of a certain embarrassment, he did not know, nor would it reveal that I did not have these favors. Once upon a time, I really liked everything he asked for at the family fuel company. Still, it seems ironic to provide others with what I lack by not working for Men.

A mature company with 15 technicians can generate enough revenue through the “time and materials” model, but I began to see that the prospects of my interviewed staff required a complete compensation plan, and I would never be affordable. The company pays them. As the customer questioned, "What, you charge $35 an hour? I can get this service for $25 an hour!" What I fear and hate most is the pressure to suppress more charging impulses, but this pressure has always existed. The biggest problem that needs to be solved in the transaction is that consumers believe that regardless of the hourly rate, someone should always seek a "competitive" offer. It sounds like a free market competition. By not charging for hours, but only for "materials", although the price is high, masking the true cost of the parts, the "flat rate" model seems to provide solutions to these problems I have experienced. I will explain.

Way of working

When you call a fixed fee company, it is usually because you are eager to resolve the problem of not heating, not hot water, or worse, to solve the problem of “no water”. Typical “flat rate” customers tend to use “yellow pages”, which are as attractive as steel and dial the number in the most compelling and engaging advertisements. The company behind the ad will anticipate their arrival. In a sense, like Maytag Man, he is sitting on the other end of the phone line waiting for unguarded and desperate voices. The troublesome voice is a common voice, the fixed-cost company's pre-packaged mantra is "Dear, please call ________." [In the blank space, fill in the name of the flat rate company.]; "All system repairs and "Maintenance"; "You will receive firm, prior estimates and fair, competitive prices"; "Better quality assurance"; "90 days without payment, no interest financing"; "Finally, one is always on time Military, otherwise you don't pay a dime"; "Never overtime pay"; "Before we start, you know the price"; "Clean, professional technicians"; "Instant response"; "Our price is based on established standards " _______ solved thousands of residential problems a year, and we can solve your problems now" – just like the Sabbath, it can alleviate the anxiety of callers. These lines allow you to quickly hook up when you need it most. Hey, if you get an experienced, clean, clean and professional plumber, he can let you approve the price before you work, and he smells very sweet [yes, there is an advertisement, it smells very sweet, plumber] You can slap in the face. Repair plastic, who will not call me? Indeed, fat graders are usually present in a short period of time, storing parts in a warehouse on wheels to solve your problem, and you will approve the price before they start working. However, their formulas and the intentions of some people are not just about attracting attention.

Catch up

Many fixed-fee companies will tell you by phone when you call [not in an ad] that if you don't "approve the price" to resolve a diagnosed problem on arrival, you will be charged a travel fee [leverage]. By then, you've already found a technician in the jungle who can stand up for advertising. If they assure you that they can resolve your issue quickly, if you disagree with their price, you agree to pay for travel. Soon, the technician arrived, he told you in time that your problem is this, the cost of fixing it is… well, on page 7 of his fixed fee pricing book. Prices seem to be a lot, but you can't tell if the price is too high – it doesn't like to compare brand names with generics side by side on supermarket shelves. In addition, you are eager to let the children go to school, go to work, everyone needs to brush their teeth first. You have to drink water now! So, you dial out the Visa card, then he swipes in front of you and then stays in the basement for a while. After the repair is completed, the plumber who smells very good will go upstairs and say something good. When he actively walks out of the house, he takes away his disposable stolen goods, hoping that you will notice that he has not soiled the floor. It may be that you remember the most profound things he did when he visited.

On the way to the next service call, the technician whistled happily, knowing that he only earned $75,000 in commission [encouraging the sale of as many parts as possible] with a total income of $75,000. Some of them earn more than 100 a year!

[As the salesman of the company I worked for the last time, in 2002, I earned a 2% net profit commission, which was decided by the company owner, although I don’t know his calculations. After I resigned for a year, They refused to pay my commission check.]


So how do they reach high prices? Assume that the well pump pressure switch at the root of the water problem caused Flat Rater to lose $12, but you paid $379.25 [this is the fee you approved before you worked]. $ 379.25-$ 12 [conversion cost] = $367.25, which is the company's markup. If you hire a person with time and resources, for example, your home is $85 per hour, and the average price of the $24 switch per hour on the road, you will pay $194. Now, subtract $24 from the flat rate price of $379.25 and then deduct the labor costs you have paid from $355.25. But wait, there are more. Divide their labor by two [hours], and their equivalent hourly wage is $178 per hour – more than twice the time and material guys! You think, "How is this possible? He only stayed here for 45 minutes?" Then blot it, remember his booty and clean floor, and rationalize your concerns, especially the new balance of the credit card, you can do it anyway. Make the minimum payment. But don't forget to consider interest, raising the total cost of maintenance for a flat rate company to a new level that is not at the old school model. What is the pay cut for fixed rate technicians? 7%X $379.25 = $26.55, but this does not include his salary or high hourly pay.

These are of course the average, but you understand.

Some affordable homeowners set the price to a very high level, earning up to $400 an hour and then pleading guilty among the vendor's peer traders. I actually heard their voice on the counter.

It all depends on their marketing, coupled with an urgent consumer emergency, otherwise the entire business model will not be maintained. Consumers pay a premium for a company's way to let you know that he can find a technician there and equip the necessary parts within an hour. But this does not mean that a fully qualified technician will appear at your doorstep. Anyone can replace parts. In addition, the more parts they sell to you, the more premiums you pay… until he finally solves your problem. This is almost always the net income of the company, but it is a loss for the consumer. If an unqualified technician sells 3 or more parts to you, depending on the real problem and how long it takes to replace the part before finding the right part, the equivalent hourly rate will quickly rise to the above hourly rate. A range of $400. The mathematics is 101.

One of these companies is currently investigating densely populated communities with the support of large population advertisements, with a view to adding new customers, as many are one-off because of their last unnecessary economic baptism. When it comes to being brought to the cleaners, what is the price of the $950 Zoeller plastic sewage pump? Perhaps the $1,900 40-gallon electric water heater sounds appealing? I don't think so! Next time you get there, check out the price of Home Depot. Flat rate pricing seems to free consumers from information they should not see. They don't know what will hurt them?

These companies are more often franchise companies and appear throughout the country from California to New Hampshire. However, a local company [although I suspect that they are selling franchises is only a matter of time], there are 35 fully stocked trucks on the road in New Hampshire! Of course, there must be as many deaths as possible on the road.

Two schools collided

At this price, fixed-rate companies can pay employees' salaries better than non-fixed-rate competitors, attracting the workforce of old-school employees like me. However, talented, skilled and morally determined people tend to work for themselves. The dilemma is everywhere. I asked, if the money I paid them was only $40,000 a year, and the income was meager, why would anyone work for me? The fixed rate method answers this question because it solves the problem of how to make self-employed traders profitable, so they can also get the same benefits as employees.

The “new school” and “unified rates” have convinced me that trade has been going on for some time, and that it will never return to the days when I started as a fuel company technician for fuel companies. The burner itself as well as the previous coal burning system. Still, when the winds of change are changing, I still choose to work according to my very fortunate traditional ethics. I have given up on the idea that I will hire a lot of people and get a profit from it. Now, when I need a second hand to complete a job that requires multiple jobs, I work alone and hire another self-employed person instead of using a flat rate and using the customer. I do believe in business ethics [some people are laughing at my innocence]. Maybe I will never give up the old-style method, because I still have no patience for the sub-quality work done by the bottom of the bucket and some of the flat rate companies. Call it self, or call it nostalgia, I call it freedom, and I am free to choose to be satisfied with the work I do today without having to deceive anyone.

At present, once I only charge for working hours, I charge the total time for my customers, including two-way travel time. In addition, I charge for the diesel that arrives there. After all, the time and money to go to the customer's website is not my benefit; solve their HVAC problems – my main business.

I know every task I need to complete any HVAC job, and the order in which it is performed. With 28 years of work experience, I feel different from many regular graders, who usually have only a few. Indeed, many parts changers are dressed in neat uniforms, dressed in neat uniforms, behind the wheels of turbulent billboards/warehouses, carrying about 25 large inventories… and pricing books for uniform prices.

Although I have a lot of complaints about this, I think that innovators of fixed rates are very creative and insightful in developing solutions to industry vulnerabilities. However, I feel that their approach is full of opportunities for deception and fraud. Not all bad, but take the following example as an example:


My client Cheri Whittaker's experience at a flat rate company is a good example. After seeing my 1⁄4 page black and white ad [$450 a month] in the Portsmouth phone book, Cheri called me a “free estimate” to replace her boiler at the Exeter home. As a savvy and knowledgeable salesman, I know enough about a lot of information before I agree to provide a free evaluation, which is what every person calling the ad in the phone book expects. If you make an estimate carefully and accurately, it will take a lot of time. Cheri's answer to my question – who is [fixed price] company condemned her old boiler two weeks ago – made me suspect that she just needed an honest and experienced technician to diagnose the problem correctly. I think I am her man and agree to provide an estimate.

After arriving at her basement, I noticed that the airlock on the fuel burner had been deliberately shut down, causing the fire to burn very dirty. The chimney emits black smoke and the boiler is blocked by soot. Soon, it will cause damage to the fuel burner. Cheri showed me the invoices and advice that the technician carried with me. The invoice lists a number of reasons for condemning the boiler – each false statement is intended to force Cheri to purchase a new boiler from the "comfort consultant" they plan to issue for estimation. If she does not accept their diagnosis and prescription, the technician will receive a commission of $700 that week. Imagine that he does this more than once a week, and you can see how easily he will get an annual salary of $100,000.

The boiler and burner were last repaired for more than a year before the Uni-Fin Company visit, so I knew that the company's technicians deliberately destroyed the boiler. Otherwise, the oil-deficient oil burner will cause it to malfunction within a few weeks and is close to this. To some extent, the technician's description on the invoice is correct: "The boiler is about to fail."

Cheri and her husband asked me to confront the Flat Rate Company in front of them, so I don't agree with this. Soon, the technician and his service manager arrived at their home and we met in the basement. Within 15 minutes, I proved that the company’s claim on the invoice was false and did nothing wrong. The Whitakers were not impressed with the answers and the expressions inside, and drove them out of the house and told them they would never come back. I started cleaning up the very dirty boiler and restored it to a good, safe working state for a few hundred dollars – a far cry from the $10,000 required to replace the boiler.


Cliché abounds in these situations, such as warning the buyer – "the buyer is careful." And, "If it looks so unbelievable, it might be." Consider all the claims, promises and guarantees in the phone book advertisement, then review the fees they charge you. Is the price high? Have you ever charged you such a telephone service fee in the past? What about the so-called travel expenses? Did you choose this fee but disapprove of its flat rate? Is the technician correcting the problem correctly for the first time, or is it necessary to call him back? Heads such as disposable scorpions, and secret slogans – "You agree to the price" – are designed to deceive laymen from paying attention to repair prices. These companies are smart and can get rich without doing a lot of high-quality work, but they do sell a lot of parts, which I think can promote economic development.

My mother and her husband were only taken over by a fixed-price company in California, paying twice the price for obsolete obsolete air-conditioning equipment, because the refrigerant destroyed the ozone layer and the equipment was eliminated. I hope that I can rescue them from the Werewolf's clothing comfort consultants, who sell them to them with the idea of ​​replacing their running furnaces and condensing units, and then the company puts their disposable items at home. I don't blame the person who was bitten. I think the snake charmer is responsible for letting the snake bite.

But, hey, at least the owner of this one-hour fixed rate company is not satisfied with the work of The Man – what we have in common is

How To Make A Choice When Booking Cheap Hotels Online

As the saying goes, "international borders are not oscillations in the speed of modern information". In the past, it was difficult to find hotels far from your home. However, recent advances in technology make it possible to book cheap hotels anywhere on the planet directly from your home. You may need a simple and affordable place to stay and in another hand you may prefer a luxurious room. No matter what you prefer, you can choose any type of hotel online. It will be well known that it is much easier to find cheap flights than finding cheap and comfortable hotels. Airline tickets will be available at seasonal discounts, while hotel accommodation rates will remain constant throughout the year. That is why people traveling abroad are always concerned about housing. Fortunately there are some options available for you to get a cheap and comfortable stay.

Where to Search for Cheap Hotels?
Finding cheap but comfortable hotels is not a daunting task either. A cheap hotel does not mean that it should be rated low. People have a misconception that booking cheap hotels will make them sacrifice the comfort and joy of traveling. The fact is that cheap hotels are luxurious and comfortable. Online hotel booking sites publish price comparisons of the best hotel and therefore you can select the cheapest hotel from the comparison. Some of the locations also include airline ticketing facilities. There are many benefits associated with booking airline tickets online. First of all you can save time. For the added benefit, you don't have to wait long queues for us. You can book your airline ticket online in the comfort of your own home.

Luxury Hotels Become Cheap On Some Days
You should always keep in mind that luxury hotels will not always be expensive. New hotels will normally retain their value for a number of months to attract new and regular customers. If you have a flexible time to plan your vacation trip, you might better opt for Friday nights, which are traditionally a silent night for hotels. As a result, we recommend taking care of these sites for the best deals, as these sites are regularly updated, keep your finger on the pulse you could land at a great hotel at a cheap price.

How To Make The Most Of An Impromptu Trip

As long as you want to travel, a sudden trip can save you. You may not know how to switch from work mode to holiday mode suddenly. It may be difficult to get used to the idea at first, but if you make some small efforts, you will be able to enjoy your vacation. Just follow the tips below and you will be able to make the most of your sudden trip.

Check your travel settings

The first thing to do when taking a sudden trip from a friend or family member is to check the travel settings. If they have already been done, then you have nothing to worry about. But if tickets and accommodations have not yet been booked, then start searching for it top agents . This way, you can be sure that last minute settings are good.

Learn more about where you are traveling

You can only enjoy your journey when you know what lies ahead. And to do that, you need to know more about the place you travel to and its culture. A quick search on the internet is all you need to do to get the information. You can also ask your travel agents to give you some tips on the places to visit when you are there. The more you know in advance, the better your vacation plan.

Use the idea

Are you still making noise to get away on a journey without warning? If so, then you must overcome this phase if you really want to enjoy the journey. You can't do anything about this right now, can you? With the inconvenience, you will not only ruin your vacation but the rest. So, try to relax by planning all the things you would like to do during this trip.

Check out all the activities you can do

If you are always the adventurous type, then your vacation will not be complete without participating in any sports or events. Check everything in the country where you are traveling. You can even talk to your friends and family about all the things you can do together. For example, if you go to a seaside location, you could take part in paragliding and other water sports.

Going on a makeshift trip can come as a shock initially. But when you let go of your suspensions and try to enjoy the moment, you will realize that maybe it was this trip that he wanted to take all this time.

How to make money online from Bitcoin

Now on the eve of 2018, Bitcoin is the pinnacle of the mountain. The bad days seem to have passed, and although the Bitcoin bubble can happen at any time, no one is arguing whether this cryptocurrency will exist. The sooner you get involved in making money with Bitcoin, and when it becomes a globally recognized currency, you will have a better foundation in five years.

And, if the bubble makes you fear, investing in bitcoin is just one option, not the only option. Bubble or not, you can still make money from Bitcoin. Whether or not there is a bubble, the value of the future will rise because people are only involved.

Let you have a bitcoin tap
Income potential: $50 to $800 per month.

Bitcoin taps are a project where you can create a website or application for users to access. You can use the ads paid in Bitcoin to monetize your site. Ads pay a small amount of bitcoin every time they browse, click, or convert.

To encourage a large number of visitors to continue browsing the site every day and hour, you provide a way to distribute revenue along with the ads, paid by Satoshi, which is basically a bitcoin cent. To claim a bonus, the user needs to earn a certain amount of Satoshi and make a weekly payment.

The faucet has to pay 100,000 to 400,000 Cong per hour. Some premiums that provide qualifications or mission achievements.

The faucet starts to solve the verification code, and that's it. A very boring passive income task. When a user kills an alien, feeds a small animal or kills a robot to earn a savvy, a new faucet is being created in the game. The more they advance in the game, the more money they make. So this is a good idea for your own faucet.

The days when every video game player gets paid are in sight.

Considering the lack of funds or liquidity, Bitcoin taps are prone to default. The owner of the faucet charges a payment rate that is not sufficient to pay for a rapidly growing user base. They also tend to be a hot target for hackers.

Generate passive income from your Bitcoin blog

  Compared to other target content, because Bitcoin is so new, there is plenty of room for new blogs and websites. New businesses related to Bitcoin are emerging every day; anything like Bitcoin exchanges, trading, entertainment venues, taps, online stores and mining is right for your advertising space.

Creating bitcoin blogs and monetization at first may be slow, but the constant release of rich content will allow many advertisers to be interested in no less than nine months.

You can join some affiliate programs or build your own bitcoin store. Bitcoin taps, wallets and exchanges pay a high commission each time they are recommended.

Small gains from Bitcoin taps

  My first suggestion involved creating your own faucet. If this is too difficult, try to join one and benefit from it. From a monotonous task, instead of earning about $800 a month, it's about $30 to $100 a month, but it's still money and the first step in starting a bank.

Please note that Bitcoin taps are prone to failure and disappear quickly. Therefore, be sure to join some well-known companies such as Robotcoin.com and BitcoinAlien.com. These are also very interesting, because you can play games while playing, I recommend robot coins.

Create a Bitcoin product or service online store

  Bitcoin is still difficult to monetize through the dollar and other hard currencies. Not that it is very difficult, but it will bring some costs and taxes to the process. Although it is still one of the cheapest ways to send money anywhere in the world.

Buying things with bitcoin is a great way to make them useful and helps to skip the transaction fees and taxes. Especially if you can resell these items and convert them into cash.

There are great business opportunities to sell at low prices or to wholesale goods that are paid in bitcoin. All you need is a Bitcoin merchant at Shopify or the WooCommerce store [like BitPay.com]. Shopify is already included with BitPay.

Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Rail Ticket at IRCTC

As an Indian, you must have known the huge number of Indian Railways. The crowd reaches its climax, especially during the festive seasons. One of the primary reasons for this is that during festivals such as Holi and Diwali, a large number of people travel back to their homes while a significant part of them choose holidays with friends and family.

I've been holding my train tickets for almost six years now. Therefore, I am well aware of the fact that it is not so easy to get a confirmed position with the Tatkal option. However, it is not impossible if you take measured steps and stay away from some glaring errors.

In this article, let's skip the mistakes we generally tend to make when booking a train ticket using the Tatkal option, but in reality they should stay away from such mistakes.

  1. You must have heard the saying, "Time and tide wait for no one". The same goes for booking a Tatkal ticket. As the booking window is limited, you need to have a fast internet connection. Anything less than 512 kbps is unacceptable.

  2. Avoid working on slow response computers. This can cause the whole booking process.

  3. You must be ready to use the keyboard. If you spend more time entering the necessary information, you may lose a confirmed ticket.

  4. The booking process does not provide a return option, so you should plan your travel dates well, thus avoiding the loss of time when making the actual bookings.

  5. You should not interrupt the page loading process. Even if it is slow, you will have to take some time because clicking the Back button or trying to reload the page can automatically log off the IRCTC website.

  6. Before you start the booking process, you need to search for and decide the train (and class) you want to book. This can prevent delays and confusion at a later stage.

  7. All information such as the passenger's name, age, card details should be handy while booking to save time.

  8. You should never sign in to the IRCTC with the same account on multiple browsers or multiple devices. This is because multiple connections are easily detected and automatically disconnected. So adding to the time loss.

  9. It is mandatory to log into the IRCTC fifteen minutes before 10am. However, never keep the page idle for more than two minutes. This is because it disconnects you.

  10. It is never a good idea to choose your preference while booking your Tatkal tickets because this reduces your options.

  11. Credit card or debit card payments are recommended because pure banking can be a slower process depending on the bank's portal.

  12. Finally, try some smart tips and tricks that could further increase your chances of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket.

Forex trading signals – Is the foreign exchange trading signal really effective, or is it a plan to draw money?

The Forex trading signal will tell you when to enter and exit the foreign exchange market. Just as the instructor trades for you, you only need to invest your own money to make a profit! But is it really effective?

Many of us spend a lot of time researching the best forex trading signals. We often read reviews and recommendations about how powerful this signal is. However, after we buy it, it does not work all the time. Of course, it does not meet expectations.

So we gave up the signal and started looking for new signals. Again and again, we are disappointed. And our wallet burns like a wildfire. The worst is the products that require a regular payment method. Yes, they are heavy.

We will eventually ask ourselves the question – is the forex trading signal actually working? If it works, where can I find the best? If we really bring us 1000 points per week or month, we don't mind spending a lot of money. But we can still find them in desperation.

First of all, ask yourself why we need foreign exchange trading signals? Is it because we can't trade correctly? If this is the next cause of cause, then we don't have time to trade ourselves. You belong to most forex traders there.

But the truth is, foreign exchange doesn't take a lot of time, and if you learn the right way in the right way, then forex is really easy. It's really not difficult, full-time forex traders can enter and exit the trade without blinking. It is so simple for them. Therefore, he is learning from a real blue full-time foreign exchange trader.

Fortunately I found myself.

How to Find Cheap Air Tickets in India

How to get cheap airfare? – this word hits our minds when booking any flight to any destination for ourselves or in a group. As there are many ways to save money on your home trips to India, but we suggest a few more important ways to make your trip below your budget and save more.

Reservation If you are planning a vacation trip with your friends and family, we recommend booking in advance. If you have been booking for more than 30 days, you can win free tickets for your partner and you will certainly save money on your trip. Second, with the down payment, you can avoid the lack of seats.

Book your hotel with your airline tickets

If you are traveling for a week or more, we recommend booking your hotel along with your trip. You can save over 40% on booking your hotel + ticket. In peak season there is always the issue of unavailability or high room rates. There are many online travel agents in India who are planning vacations for you and offering exciting discounts on combined hotel reservations with airline tickets.

Online booking

The best way to save more money on your trip is to leave your home or office. You can compare airline tickets to more than 4 or 5 websites and book the best deals. You can pay with your credit card or net banking and get more discounts offered by card companies.

There are many other ways to save money in India on your trip and there are many options as well. Search and compare for more details.

What is Atencoin Black Gold Coin?

Have you heard of the term "cryptocurrency" or "virtual currency" and the most recent situation? Atencoin is a virtual currency developed by the National Atencoin [NAC] Foundation. Although the exact date of issue has not yet been released, the coin has not yet been launched in 2014 and Atencoin is in the final stages of development. Atencoin is also known as the "black gold coin" and is therefore called Atencoin BGC by its developers, members and stakeholders.

Atencoin's name comes from a precious metal called Aten. This metal is very rare and the price is 1000 times that of gold. Therefore, it is also known as black gold. With the NAC Foundation, Atencoin will undoubtedly become the most accessible medium of trading in the natural gas and oil industries. Unlike traditional virtual currency, Atencoin has a strong backing for oil and gas. The goal of NAC is also to maintain a number of suppliers who will accept Atencoin exchanges for real-life things such as meat, butter, clothing and online games.

The NAC Foundation aims to provide a wider range of options for companies or individuals wishing to use virtual currency in transactions with oil, gas and power sectors around the world. BGC or Atencoin is a virtual currency that can be easily stored using an online wallet. One of the most fascinating things about Atencoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they are not associated with any central agency. Decentralization also helps these currencies maintain an autonomous economy so that users can exercise their full freedom to decide how to handle the virtual currency at hand.

As we all know, crude oil and any other form of natural gas and oil are very important in our economy. Businesses and even families rely on natural gas and oil to operate effectively. The price of basic commodities depends even on the price of natural gas and oil, so its importance and contribution to the world are very important. The NAC Foundation has recognized this need, which is why Atencoin is being developed to provide buyers and suppliers with better and easier options to trade in natural gas and oil and other related industries.

Other features of the currency include casting rewards, as uninterrupted casting is the key to success. If the reward for the foundry currency is reduced, the casting will automatically decrease. This is not the case with Atencoin, because in order to maintain growth, the coining rate will increase by 5% per year. Overcoming inflation by using this currency is also the goal of NAC. Like Bitcoin, Atencoin will transform online cash handling by deploying the latest systems in the peer-to-peer trading network. Open casting and promotion of Atencoin will also bring about a revolution in the online currency world.

Travel tips for visiting the Alhambra

When we were vacationing in Spain recently, we decided to visit the Alhambra. We did a little internet research before our vacation and read that it is advisable to book tickets in advance for tours of the Alhambra palaces and Generalife. The articles we read warned us that even though tickets were available on arrival, their queues are usually very long.

Since it would be almost inconceivable to visit the Alhambra without entering the palaces and Generalife, we decided to buy our tickets online. When booking you must also specify the date and time of your visit and tickets will be printed with them on them. However, it is very important to understand that this is the time to enter the Palace of the Nasrid Kings and not the time to reach the main entrance to the Alhambra.

In addition to the ten minutes you need to walk from the main entrance to the palace, you must also allow at least fifteen minutes for the "Queue Only Tickets" outside the Alhambra.

Our scheduled time was 10am. and more than luck out of the crisis, we arrived at the Alhambra at 9:25 am. By the time we were parked, we got the main entrance queue, hired the registered telephones with a tour guide and went to the Palace of the Nader Kings, it was 9:55 am, so the queue for the 10:00 tour had already been mixed with queues for the next tours. If you lose your welcome, your ticket becomes invalid and I just did it in time.

The system may sound a bit bureaucratic, but once you get into the palaces and Generlife you will appreciate why it is necessary. It prevents these beautiful buildings and gardens from becoming overcrowded, allowing as many tourists as possible without spoiling the views, causing inconvenience or haste in your tour. We quickly realized how efficiently he was working and congratulating the Spaniards for having a system that is sadly lacking in historic buildings in other countries. Our only criticism is that promoted publicity, including the official website, does not present the system with sufficient clarity nor does it stress the need to pre-book as strongly as needed.

The visit to the Alhambra took us four hours and we could easily spend more time there if our schedule on that day were less ambitious. We were overwhelmed by the grandeur and splendor of the palaces, the beauty of the Generlife gardens and the views and views of the almost surreal environment of the Alhambra. The meaning of the word Generlife is "Garden of Paradise" and I can't think that there is no longer a description for it. Although the day we visited was in late June with temperatures reaching 32 degrees, the nearby Sierra Nevada was still snowy. Of all the magnificent historical sites we visited throughout Europe, no one compares to this environment.

We are definitely planning to visit the Alhambra again, but would love to do so in the spring when temperatures are lower, flowers are even more enchanting and more snow can be seen on the mountain background.