Silver Dollar City – A great holiday and travel destination

Silver Dollar City is located in Branson, Missouri and is a very popular theme park. One of the most popular aspects of Silver Dollar City is the underground caves. This attraction is called Marvel Cave, but there is much more to this theme park to enjoy as well!

The theme park is open daily from May to September from 9:30 to 7:00. The rest of the year the park is open from Wednesday to Sunday. There are many different walks and attractions to enjoy, including some with water. Some of the most popular walks in the Silver Dollar City theme park include the Powder Keg, the Lost Ozarks River, the Grand Exposition Center and the walker called Fire in the Hole. There are many other routes and attractions, they are just some of the most notable.

Every year there are many different festivals taking place in Silver Dollar City. These include the Ozark Christmas Festival in the fall and the Nickelodeon Kids Fest during the summer.

Marvel Cave is the reason Silver Dollar City exists so you should visit it. These caves have enticed visitors to take a look since 1900 and continue to inspire awe. This theme park is one of the oldest in the nation still in operation.

Tickets can be purchased at the theme park or on the Internet. Those who choose to buy their tickets online can print them from their home printer. Doing so will allow them to enter the park as soon as they arrive without having to wait to buy tickets on arrival.

Before you go, check out the Silver Dollar City website and the coupons available. Many local businesses offer discounts on theme park tickets and it is worth taking a look to save money. People who plan to visit many times may prefer season tickets because they will be cheaper in the long run. Traveling packages that include hotel, car rental and the like are also sold so keep your eye out for them, too.